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HIGH FREQUENCY STABILITY FOR IOT APPLICATIONS: Due to their high frequency stability as well as their very low ESR these JXS WA quartz crystals are especially suitable for IoT and industrial applications (IoT, IIoT). This JXS WA series is available at 14 special frequencies which are required to generate a pure and stable reference clock for many RF-transceivers and RF-ASICs. ...
Swatch Group creates the world’s smallest Bluetooth chip
~~Biel/Bienne (Switzerland), March 3, 2017 – Three world records in the “Swiss Silicon Valley”. Swatch Group is proud to introduce a new Bluetooth chip with exceptional features unrivaled by any existing product. The new integrated circuit, designed 100% by EM Microelectronic, Swatch Group R & D and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSE...

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