Hi-Q Electronics Profile

Hi-Q Electronics started its operations in March 1991, with Gerrie Pienaar as the founder of the company. Since its inception, Hi-Q Electronics managed to grow its business of electronic component distribution consistently over the years.

We are most grateful for the support we enjoy from our customers and suppliers. We believe that our success is based on the following factors:

  • Supplying the highest quality electronic components, from well-known international manufacturers.
  • Providing good service at competitive prices.
  • Being flexible is part of our service, it helps our customers to find products fast, when needed the most.
  • We are not just a supplier - we are also a partner to our customers. Having a strong working relationship with the customer is vital.
  • We operate from two offices:
    • Cape Town
    • Boksburg (Johannesburg)
  • Hi-Q Electronics is a private company, operating independently. Our business is the distribution of electronic components and our aim is to get better and better - providing the best in sales, technical support and service.